Personal Values and Beliefs

Values and beliefs are part of what make you who you are. We rely on our personal values, beliefs and ethical standards to make decisions, not only in life, but in business as well. They affect how we think, what we do, and how we decide to do it. These are the things that characterize and motivate one’s behavior. (Gulati et al., 2017; Personal Values, Attitudes, and Beliefs, n.d.)

A belief is something that a person believes to be true. A person gets their beliefs from things that are proven to be true and/or through their faith. Beliefs can be developed from things such as: a person’s life experiences, acceptance of cultural norms, religion, and mentors or teachers who share their beliefs. The belief that has been shared sits with a person until they decide to accept it as truth and make it a part of their individual belief system and are willing to defend the belief. (Personal Beliefs, Values, Attitudes and Behaviour, 2018)

Values are stable, long-lasting beliefs about what is important to a person. Values become the source that help us guide and make our decisions. Beliefs develop into values when a person sees the belief as important and the person grows in their commitment to the value. A person must be able to clearly state their values in order to make clear, rational, responsible, and consistent decisions. (Personal Beliefs, Values, Attitudes and Behaviour, 2018)

The majority of my values and beliefs have come from my mother. My mother helped me shape my perceptions about what is right and what is wrong in my everyday life. She taught me how to conduct myself in society. She helped me understand how to treat others, even when we do not necessarily share the same beliefs and values as that person. While growing up, I watched my mother run a business and a church all while being a single mother. She mentored me when I needed understanding and assistance. She was an excellent example of being a true listener and caring for others, even when it is sometimes difficult to do so. I learned from her that leaders do not always have to know the answers but they have to believe that the team around them will help them to find the best possible solution. I learned that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Treat others with respect, always, no matter how they treat you.

A person’s values and beliefs in both their personal and professional lives are molded by the people they are surrounded with. We analyze the environment we are in and conduct ourselves according to the behaviors and actions we see in our culture and environment. (Gulati et al., 2017)


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