Power of the Organization

An organization is made up of a group of individuals that exert a lesser or greater extent of power. When you use power in an organization appropriately, it can be useful. We need formal power to achieve organizational structure that sets strategic goals and company initiatives. Formal power exists in politics, business, religion, but alsoContinue reading “Power of the Organization”

Can You Hear Me Now?

Does anyone remember the commercials for Verizon? It was basically an ad to say that Verizon has less dropped calls than its competitors and at the end of the commercial, the actor would say, “Can you hear me now? Good.” Communication is unfortunately more difficult than that simple statement. It is not as simple asContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Where Are You Located?

If there is anything we have learned from this season of confusion called, COVID-19, it is that work schedules and work life can actually function outside of the normal brick and mortar office. With the wonderful developments in technology, teams are still able to meet together, in person, online. A team is defined as aContinue reading “Where Are You Located?”

It’s Good Enough

Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. There are never enough hours in a day. Common phrases we hear, and even say, “I wish I had more time,” “There isn’t enough time,” or “A race against the clock,” show that we as humans are always feeling the impact of constraints in our lives. Constraints are theContinue reading “It’s Good Enough”

I’ve Got The Power!

Power is a funny word. Most people think of superheroes or the strongest person in the world as being the most powerful, but it is not common to think of power in the business world. Power is the ability of a person to make someone do something in a particular way or influence someone’s behaviorContinue reading “I’ve Got The Power!”

Are You Aware?

Self-awareness is a big management buzzword these days. This is actually a good thing because research is showing that when we see ourselves for who we actually are, we are more confident and creative. Self-awareness is one’s ability to look within and recognize oneself as a separate entity from their environment and other entities. ItContinue reading “Are You Aware?”

Time to Adapt

Leadership can be described as a skill through which people can guide, direct, and influence the work and behavior of others. Leaders design the organization, encourage and motivate their employees, and monitor activities to ensure that the team is on target for reaching goals. Leadership is about offering your best and bringing out the bestContinue reading “Time to Adapt”

Change is Good

My mom always says a common phrase, “Change is hard, but it can be good for you too.” On a human level, we like the status quo. It makes us comfortable. There is nothing scary about it because we know what to expect. The same is true in the business world. If we are comfortableContinue reading “Change is Good”


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